Libero Community Chat

Are you user of Libero Mail? If yes, have you tried to chat in Libero community chat? If no, you can try to chat with the other people to make friends in Libero Community. To be able to chat, you have to log in to your account first.

In the homepage of Libero community, there are a lot of options that you can choose. There are My Profile, Trovamici, Blog, Photo, Site, Chat, Cupid and Leader. If you scroll your cursor a little bit downwards, you are able to see the users of chat that are online at that moment. It is completed with the number, and even you know the gender of chat users. There, you will see their age, gender and city which is completed with their photos and you can add them as your new friends.

If you find the difficulty in using your chat such as slow chat, or there is a word that says ‘disconnected’, it perhaps happen because the connection is in its peak. It can happen mainly at night when there are a lot of people that are connected to access their chat. You can try it again and again. It can also happen because the network that you use is slow. If it happens, sometimes you can not download the chat window. In this case, you have to keep trying. If you are connected via the connection that is protected by Firewall, perhaps they who manage Firewall have deactivated your access to the chat server. In this case, you can ask to the operator of your network.

Chatting is not only done via sending and receiving written messages but you can also do audio chat and video chat. To join with audio chat, you can click audio room button in your homepage. If you are talking with others using video chat, you will need microphone and headphone. Then, if you hear echo which is annoying your conversation with your partner, you can right click on the audio slot or video and choose microphone icon. Give check mark to decrease echo and then close the window. Beside audio chat, you are also able to do video chat. You can click video room in the homepage to join conversation in video chat. When you do video chat with your partner, of course you have to use webcam. The quality of video depends on both webcam users and also the internet connection. So, if you want to have a good conversation with your partner, make sure that your internet connection is in a good condition.

If you deal with any problem when you use Libero community chat, you can ask to the Chatleader. They can help you and explain about the function of services that they have, manage meeting in videostanze, help you to configure the correct microphone, webcam, headphone, and the other things that you need during you use chat of Libero. So, what are waiting for? Join with chat of Libero now and keep in touch with a lot of friends now!

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